We, dark-skinned women, always have trouble while choosing the right shade of makeup. And when it’s about getting the best BB cream for dark skin, the trouble just gets doubled!

Most of us prefer BB cream over the foundation because of the benefits it provides. It comes with SPF to protect us from UV-ray and keeps our face hydrated. So it’s evident that we would prefer to use it regularly.

Though many brands are coming up with various shades, it is still difficult for us to get the best one for our darker tones. But you don’t have to worry anymore about finding the right one. We are here with the suggestion of some BB cream that is specifically formulated for dark-skinned women

Best 3 BB Creams for African American Skin in 2021:

1. Black Radiance True Complexion BB cream

This Black Radiance BB cream came with SPF 15 and made specifically for women of color like us. It has all the ingredients to make our face look better with time and gives it a smooth finish all day long.

The formula of this product is very light-weight and feels like silk on the skin. It gives a sheer yet glowing look that is loved by most users. Moreover, it makes us look fresh until the end of the day.

It is an oil-free makeup, so it reduces the shiny effect that happens in oily skin. As it is quite hard for finding a product for this trouble, you can choose this one that will not clog your pores. Additionally, this balm helps to reduce your fine lines and wrinkles.

This beauty product will prime your skin, hide your spots, and improve your complexion. It comes in six different shades so you can easily get the one perfectly matched with your complexion. This unguent also keeps your face well-moisturized and keeps it plump all day.

It comes in sleek packaging, and it is also very reasonably priced. So if you are looking for something that will give you excellent service without costing a fortune, you can choose it. This one is one of the best BB creams for brown Indian skin as well as for African Americans.

Special Features
  • Oil-free and hydrating formula
  • Improves your complexion
  • Keeps your face shine-free all day long
  • Comes is a sleek packaging and affordable price range.
  • It is specially made for ethnic tones.
  • Excellent for regular use
  • Hides fine lines and conceals spots

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2. MD Flawless Factor BB cream

Sometimes we don’t understand the nature of our skin. It can get dull, oily, or dry without any reason. And that’s where this MD Flawless Factor BB cream comes in handy. It also comes with a specialized serum to improve our complexion and texture.

This beauty product also has an anti-aging formula in it that helps you fight with signs of aging. It comes with antioxidants like arbutin and caviar extracts to improve our skin conditions.

It has a chemical-free formula that comes with SPF 30, making it sweatproof and gives excellent protection from harmful sun rays. Though it provides medium coverage, you can gradually build it up and turn it into a full coverage one.

It comes with so many helpful ingredients like vitamin B, nicotinamide, and propolis. The formula of it will boost up the collagen level of your skin and repair the damages that have already happened. Moreover, it will make your face smoother and improve its texture to a great extent.

You can apply a light layer for an everyday natural look or build it up as a foundation for a more glamorous look. It has a water-resistant formula, so it will last all day long without any trouble. And it beautifully blends in your face and gives you a natural finish.

It is a fragrance-free product that will suit your sensitive or acne-prone skin.

Special Features
  • Comes with SPF 35 for excellent sun protection
  • Water-resistant and oil-free formula
  • Contains plenty of skin-friendly ingredients
  • Suitable for sensitive and acne-prone skin
  • Buildable up to full coverage finish
  • Provides anti-aging protection
  • Repairs the damaged collagen barrier of your skin

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3. L.A. Girl Pro HD BB cream

This excellent comes in plenty of shades to match various tones of dark complexions. This HD BB cream is one of the best in the market and available at a surprisingly low price.

If you have larger pores, this product will make those pores smaller and gives you a smooth finish. Like some other ones, it doesn’t clog your pores or makes your face look ashy, which is a great relief.

This beauty balm makes your skin texture better and provides a smooth finish. It blends on your skin like a dream and stays on for a long time. Moreover, it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with exceptional efficiency.

The coverage of this face balm can conceal your dark spots and hyperpigmentation. It contains vitamin B3, E, and C to make your skin healthy and naturally glowing. Additionally, it works on making you look younger, which is a terrific quality of this balm.

This BB cream is light-weight and gives you a dewy finish, which many users desire. Moreover, it feels very soft on the face and makes it look refreshing. It comes with a fragrance and paraben-free formula for a better experience.

Special Features
  • Light-weight and hides the signs of aging
  • Makes your skin flawless by concealing spots
  • Gives a dewy finish
  • Prepares your face and keeps it hydrated
  • Comes with minerals to improve your skin conditions
  • Fragrance and paraben-free
  • Evens out complexion
  • Provides naturally glowing medium coverage
  • Available in eight different shades for dark skins

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Factors Need to Consider While Choosing the Best BB Cream for African American Skin:

Skin type:

● Dry skin

If you are looking for a product to nourish your dry face, buy the one that comes with hydrating and moisturizing properties. You can get oil-based products if you want.

● Oily and Combination skin

To keep your face oil-free and avoid clogged pores always buy a face balm with a light-weight and water-based formula. But oily and combination skin types also need proper hydration, so make sure your beauty balm is efficient in doing that.

● Acne-prone skin

If you have an acne-prone face, you should get the product that comes with acne preventing qualities.

● Sensitive skin

Try to avoid products that contain any allergy-triggering ingredients or come with plenty of artificial chemicals. It helps you to maintain a trouble-free skincare routine.

Skin shade:

If you can’t find anything that matches correctly, you can get that comes closer to perfection. And if your face tends to oxidize makeup, you should get the one that is one shade lighter than your actual tone.

And yes, don’t forget to match undertones. If you fail to match your undertone, you will never achieve a perfect makeup look.

SPF level:

Spf level is one of the things that attract people toward using BB cream. Products that come with higher SPF are usually more water-resistant and shine-free.

Moreover, if your beauty balm comes with adequate sun protection, you can avoid all those grease sunscreens.


We choose BB balm mainly for its natural finish. These creams come in light to full coverage, and you can choose whatever you want.

Light to medium coverage is better for natural finishes and regular use. But there are also products that come with a buildable formula that makes them suitable for full coverage finish.

However, if you are choosing a BB cream for regular use, get the light-medium coverage ones. It will keep your skin healthy and easy to clean when you reach home at the end of the day.

So now you know how to choose the best one, it’s time for you to learn about the best options out there.
Here are the reviews of the top 3 best BB cream for dark-skinned women that will help you to pick the one for yourself.

Is BB Cream Suitable for Dark African-American Skin?

For a long time, most of the brands were making some stereotypical shades. And those were too light or ashy for dark-skinned women.

But those days are gone as most reputed brands are making BB cream that will gracefully match with darker tones. You can get any type of coverage, light to heavy, to get the perfect finish you want.

This product is lighter and comes with minerals and moisture to complement your complexion. If you can choose the one that goes with your skin type, you will have the goldmine. But for that, you might have to browse some extensive amount of makeup racks!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the features of the best BB cream for black skin?

The features of the best beauty balm for darker shades are:

● Available in various types of shades
● Made with high-quality ingredient
● Comes with sun protection
● Contains minerals and other skin-friendly ingredients
● Paraben, talc, and fragrance-free formula
● Should stay long without greasing the face

2. What are the benefits of BB cream?

Some of the benefits of these products are:

● Gives you a natural glowing finish
● Doesn’t clog your pores
● Keeps your face hydrated
● Protects you from sunlight
● Conceals blemishes and dark spots without making your face cakey
● Keep your pores breathable

3. How do I use BB cream on my skin?

You can follow the steps below to apply:

● Clean and prime your skin
● You can use a beauty blender or foundation brush to apply it to your face.
● You can use your fingers because the warmth of your fingers will make the product more blendable.
● Apply a concealer if you want
● Lightly powder it to make the makeup last longer than usual.


This article has included all the necessary information about the best BB cream. So if you were feeling overwhelmed about which one to get, you would not feel that anymore.

Choosing a BB cream, or foundation is a real challenging task that a woman of color has to go through. But it’s relatively easier now than before, and soon we won’t have to go through this problem at all.