Eyes are one of the most beautiful parts of the human body. The sparkle in the eyes of a simple person sometimes makes her the most attractive person in the room. Either you’re in a formal meeting or on a date, eye appearance is essential. So, they need to be meaningful.

No matter if your eyes are wide or small, eye appearances need to be unique. But many of us think that the more full the eyes, the more appealing you’re. So, women with small or hooded eyes always feel something missing. But changing a creation is quite impossible without surgery. And surgery is painful.

However, this century is the era that made every impossible thing possible. Thus, the innovations of double eyelid tapes happen. It is eyelid wear that creates deep crease on the skin and makes your small eyes look bigger. There are more details about this product. To know more, keep reading.

Best 5 double-sided eyelid tapes of 2021:

Double eyelid tapes are a blessing for the people who don’t have satisfactory eyelid area. Lid crease is one desirable function many women don’t have. Thus, double eyelid tapes invented for hooded, droopy eyes or uneven eye surfaces. There are plenty of brands in the market. The following are the five best double-sided eyelid tape anyone can try.

1. D-UP Wonder Eyelid Tape

D-UP Wonder Eyelid Tape is one of the most well-accepted eyelid tape brands in Japan. The texture of the soft, fine fiber tip is German production. The fiber tip ensures a precise eye line.

D-UP is a double eyelid tape with a powerful holding ability. It is a dual-faced medical adhesive tape, entirely risk-free for using is eyelids. With the use of this wonder eyelid tape, your folded eyes can get a deep, natural crease. 

These eyelid tapes are invisible, sweat, and water-resistant. It will stay inside your crease all day long. Therefore, one can create double eyelids by fixing it inside the eyelid and get a deep eyelid crease. Even the heavy makeup application doesn’t hamper its durability.

Daily applications will create a natural crease on the surface. You need to be careful while applying this. A careless application may produce eyelid peeling. If you are facing a problem while removing, use one or two drops of any kind of natural oil.

Special Features
  • Ready to form double eyelid
  • Great holding capability
  • Dual faced adhesive tape
  • Creates natural crease on eyelids
  • Sweatproof, waterproof formula

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2. Dedila Eyelid Double Sided Tape

The material of eyelid tapes is essential. If the content doesn’t suit your lid area, you may feel irritation. So, Dedila arrives with the eyelid tapes made of polymeric fibers. Polymeric fibers are highly qualified materials. Their appearance is so smooth that it doesn’t give a feel that anything extra you’re wearing on your lids. And it becomes invisible after you apply it on the surface.

It is suitable for hooded eyes, or droopy eyes. Women who want to create a broad eye look, these eye tapes will make their desire at ease. Applying makeup on eyelid tapes is a bit easy. The continual use, create the eyelid crease you want without any surgery or medicinal treatment.

Dedila Eyelid Double Sided Tape comes with 286 pairs within one packet. The packaging also includes scissors and fork rods.

Special Features
  • Produced from polymeric fibers
  • Makes the thin eyelids noticeable
  • Generates wider eyes
  • Continuous use creates permanent eyelids

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3. HailiCare Invisible Double Eyelid Tape

Eyelid tapes are not only for hooded eyes. They create a beautiful, even lid area on droopy, mono, and uneven eyelids also. HailiCare Invisible Double Eyelid Tape arrives with sticker-pattern eyelid tape. They lift eyelids right away.

There are fifty pairs in the package. So, you can use one packet for months. The design is entirely invisible; no one will notice anything extra on your lid. The taps are the creation of medical-use adhesive fiber. They are healthy, breathable, waterproof, and long-lasting.

The tapes are skin-colored, leave no residue. They do not fall off, suits well with essential to heavy eye makeup. You may get rid of hooded, droopy, or mono eyelids. So, for a perfect pair of flush eyes, use HailiCare Invisible Double Eyelid Tape.

Be careful while pulling off the tape. As it is invisible and skin-colored, you may get confused while removing it. Unwanted pulling the lid area may create severe harm. You can apply coconut or grapeseed oil to remove the tape.

Special Features
  • Generates from the medical-adhesive fiber
  • With double-sided facility
  • Waterproof, breathable and long-lasting
  • Skin colored tape, leaves no residue
  • Ideal for hooded, mono, uneven eyelids

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4. DAISO Natural Double Eyelid Tape

DAISO double eyelid tape contains 86 piece tap within one packet. Application of those tapes is easy. Anyone can hardly tell that you’ve applied something extra. You can use it both over and under the eye shadow. But under the makeup make it able to stick even after removing the eye makeup.

The tape is breathable; even the long existence don’t irritate the surface. The waterproof, sweatproof formula helps to exist no matter what is the surroundings. 86 pieces are enough to use for months. Use any kind of natural oil, or eye makeup remover to dab the area before pulling it off. Neither unnecessary pulling may create swelling.

Special Features
  • Easy application, invisible residue
  • Double-sided slim tape
  • Don’t create a reaction on sensitive skin
  • Waterproof, sweatproof, long durability

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5. Eye Charm Queen Double Eyelid Tape

Eye Charm double eyelid tapes create thin, clearly visible lids. People with hooded eyes, mono or droopy lids can use this double eyelid tape to enhance their eye shape. The application of eyelid tape is easy, comfortable, stays for long. Makeup over the tape will not impede its durability.

Eye charm double eyelid tapes generate from the medical adhesive tapes. Tapes are skin-colored and invisible. Thus, nothing is noticeable as extra on your eyelids. It is harmless and anti-irritating toward sensitive skin. Just be careful while removing the tape. Put oil before dragging it from the surface. Or else excessive pulling may swell the area.

Wearing it every day create a permanent crease on hooded eyes and even the areas on uneven eyelids. The design is to lift the sagging skin surrounding the eyes. Eyelid tape makes the eyes look fuller and broader. There are fifty pieces in total.

Special Features
  • Creates visible eyelids
  • Appears clearer big eyes
  • Deepens the eyelid crease
  • Generates from medical tape

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Benefits of using double eyelid tape over single eyelid tape?

Eyelid tapes are of two types. One is a single-sided tape, and the other is double-sided. The single-sided tape contains adhesive on one side. It needs support to create a fold on the skin. On the other hand, double-sided tapes include adhesive tapes on both sides. Once you apply it, on your upper lid, it creates deep creases automatically. 

Double eyelid tapes are more invisible than single eyelid tapes. Once it disappears inwards, no one can notice where it went. The application is time-saving. While using double-sided tape, you can see the skin get stretch automatically and deep down the lid area. You don’t need to give extra pressure to create an artificial crease.

What to consider finding the best double eyelid tape:

Double eyelid tapes contain so many facts. But there are some factors you cannot ignore while buying eyelid tapes. Follow those criteria.

Generates from skin-friendly item

The material is an essential factor while using eyelid tapes. You should not choose tapes which are insensitive to your skin. Maximum high qualifies eyelid tapes are of medical adhesive tapes. They are breathable; don’t irritate your eye surroundings. Another convenient item is a polymeric material. These are the vast appreciable eyelid tape materials one need to choose. Therefore, your eye area will get well-suited experience.

Creates perfect crease

Women with droopy eyes, hooded eyes, mono eyelid, uneven eyelid area; use eyelid tapes. The only need is to create a perfect crease. Deeper creases ensure more full eyes. So, you need to choose the strips that perfectly adjust with the surface, and deepen the area.

Makes invisible appearance

Perfect eyelid tapes create an invisible impression. No one can assume that you’ve put anything extra on the area. Hidden eyelid tapes are smooth, skin-colored, and thin in shape.

Water, sweat, and makeup resistance

The appearance of water and sweat are frequent while we are working. Eyelid tapes that become loose with sweat or some water splash, they are of no use. As well, they shouldn’t be affected by oily eye makeup. Thus, you need to choose waterproof eyelid tapes, sweat proof, adjust well with powder or other composition.

How to use double-sided eyelid tapes?

Eyelid tape is an admired item that creates a pair of wide eyes. Eyes seem fuller with a fold or crease in the eyelids. Eyelid tape works best when your eyelids do not have a sharp fold.

To use a double eyelid tape, at first you need to clean the face with your regular cleanser. Any dirt or oily residue may slow down the smooth application. A pair of tweezers or fingernails can help to unwrap an eyelid tape stripe away. Peel away the section of plastic covering the eyelid strip has. If the pieces don’t hold the right size according to your lids, trim them. The strips must be a little shorter than the size of your eyes. If not, the pieces will stick out on the eyelids sides.

Place the strip right where you want to create the new crease. Softly press the point on your lid area to discover the place of the original. When the new crease area you’ve found, put the tape over the place. Then, use the spine to press on your eyelid to create this new crease softly.

After pushing the eyelid in the right place, open your eye and wait a few seconds. If the eyelid tape does not stick to the area, then you should start over with a new piece. You can add some eyelid tape adhesive to the stripe for durability. A little amount of eyelid tape adhesive to the strip would be enough. Wait till it becomes dry partially.


There are plenty of women who are not satisfied with their eye pattern. Their suffering with uneven eyelid arena, mono eyelids, droopy or hooded eyes makes them think about surgery. But surgery is painful. On the other hand, double eyelid tapes are a simple but reliable solution. Therefore, to get the eyelid you desire, anyone can use double eyelid tape any time.