Howdy beauty bees! Before jumping into the concrete discussion, can you please tell me how many of you like eye makeup? I hope 80% of you will raise your hand because our eyelids and creases are a canvas, and we can add more color to it like Lionardo Da Vincci, no?

But what if all of your eyeshades faded away within minutes, and you can see wrinkles in your under-eye corner while smiling?

It may ruin your look. In that case, I will suggest you use a good under eye primer. This can give you a better pigmentation of your eyeshadow color for a long time.

And as you know choosing quality-based color cosmetics is like swimming in the sea. So I think to give you a hand from my personal experience and clear the confusion regarding under eye primer.

Here, you will get to know about some popular under-eye primer brands. At the same time, l will mention some factors which may help you to make a wise purchase.

So, let’s have a look at it. And don’t skip any part because the next 2 minutes can help you to look 20 years younger.

Best 8 Under Eye Primers in 2021:

If you click on the Amazon app, you may find thousands of eye primers. But at a glance, it is hard to know which will be the best option for you. And I know how disgusting it is to research every product. So you can give a look at the following primers. Here I have chosen 8 products which claim that they are the best primers in the market.

Anyway, don’t think it is a paid promotion. But I can bet that after knowing the details about the brands you will buy one of these products.

1. e l f cosmetic Hydrating Eye Primer

e l f brand is like a buzzword to many beauty lovers. If you ask me why e l f good, the answer is pretty simple.

E l f is the first vegan brand that launched cruelty-free color cosmetics. So anyone can use it without any hesitation.

Now it’s time to tell about their under eye primer which is one of the best selling products of the e l f brand.

e.l.f. Primer uses shea butter, which has an immense moisturizing effect. It gives you a flawless base maintaining the moisture of this delicate area.

The product has a water-absorbing specialty that offers sweat and a waterproof base. And as it is a matt primer so you can carry it for a long-time.

Aloe vera and green tea extract with vitamin e oil help to fade out the dark circle by daily use.

Do you know you are also getting an anti-aging formula at a reasonable price?

Special Features
  • The concealer is waterproof with a moisturizing effect.
  • Suitable for professional use.
  • Reduce discoloration of both crease and under eyes.
  • The Ginkgo Bulba is useful to reduce premature aging.
  • Have a smooth texture.
  • Provides a Fuller and brighter appearance.

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2. Elizabeth Mott Under-Eye Primer

The product itself is claiming that you will thank it after using it. Though it is also known as a face primer, the ingredient will tell you that it’s for boosting your eye area’s texture. First of all, let me tell you it’s a cruelty-free brand. So, pet lovers shouldn’t give a second thought before using it.

Elizabeth Mott is one of the best eye primers for mature skin. On top of that, it is smudge-free. So you can put it on whenever you are going for a long drive. In the summer season, we find that our lids become oily, which fades away all the eyeshades, and it looks so disastrous.

But Elizabeth primer is infused with pearl powder which is a sebum controller powder mainly. It Removes the oil and promises not to grease again. So, from now on you don’t need to avoid eye makeup. Go with confidence.

The Beeswax in it hydrates your eye area, and if you have a little bit of a dark circle, you can use it As a concealer too. Because the high coverage consistency will hide any discoloration.

Special Features
  • The texture is lightweight.
  • Ensure an even skin tone.
  • Brightens the eye area and bring out the exact color of your eyeshades
  • never dries out your skin.

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3. Becca Anti-fatigue Under-Eye Primer

Except for primer, Becca brand manufactures illuminating highlighters. So, I think you know about their quality.

What if you get a primer and concealer in one packet?
As far as I guess, your heart will dance with joy because it will be a budget-saving idea.

Now let me tell you that Becca is offering you both of them in one tub.
So, let’s see why you should invest money in Becca Anti-fatigue primer.

Becca has caffeine, green tea, matcha extract in their product. All these ensure a proper hydration balance.
Moreover, the anti-fatigue option can fight against aging signs, which is a plus point.

Again, Don’t be upset with your purple vein or any kind of dark spots underneath your eyes. Becca can hide all these discolorations leaving a moisturizing effect.

Here you will find epigallocatechin and antioxidants, which is good to avoid inflammation, puffiness. The antifungal property of aloe vera fights against harmful bacteria.

Special Features
  • Best under-eye Primer for go-to makeup.
  • Has sebum control ingredients.
  • Reduce dark circle and redness
  • Helps to remove black patches
  • Strengthen the blood vessels.

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4. Smashbox Photo Finish Under Eye Primer

Though this is my fourth pick, it doesn’t mean that this one is less effective than other options. Instead, the smash box under eye primer is reigning over the market for recent years. You may want to know what’s the secret behind the popularity. So let’s talk about the product.

If you check out the smash box primer ingredients, then you may find that peptide is the core element of this option. I think you know how useful peptides are for our skin.
The peptide is a combo of collagen and keratin. This peptide creates a barrier outside our epidermis. It creates a safety layer that helps to maintain skin elasticity.

So, this Primer will strengthen the skin barrier. And give you flawless skin automatically.

Now, come to the outer benefits. If you find something to reduce eye bags, trust me, nothing can beat it. Perhaps there is a 0.5% retinol, which is an effective remedy for your large pores and Malassezia under your eyes.

Special Features
  • Enriched with peptide, retinol, and niacinamide
  • Avoid flaky eye area and blotching.
  • Removes grease from the eyelid
  • Regular use can brighten pigmentation.
  • Lightweight and good to use in summer.
  • Fight against Malassezia.

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5. L’Oreal Paris Magic Perfecting Base Face Primer

Who doesn’t know about the L’oreal Paris brand? This French brand is a real gem to beauty lovers. The brand’s product line focuses on slow but adequate progress. I Won’t claim that they can heal your problem overnight. But they have products for any kind of problem. If YOU have extra sensitive skin, nothing can give you relief like L’oreal under eye primer.

L’oreal magic primer is non-comedogenic, and lab tested. So people having extra sensitivity can go for it. This product can soothe your inflammation due to sensitivity and with a smooth base.

The lightweight consistency won’t feel heavy to your eyelids and underneath. Just a pump is enough to cover all the eyes. So it will last longer than any option.

It never creates crease and reduces fine lines. If you bake the Primer with a high-end setting powder, then you will get minimum coverage of 8 hours. I will recommend it to those who dont love to apply heavy makeup, Only one pump is enough to give a ” ready to go” look.

Special Features
  • Good for acne-prone skin
  • Suitable for any weather.
  • Minimize pores
  • Its both an eye and face primer
  • Offers a flawless and even texture.

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6. Revlon Photo ready Eye Primer

Revlon is one of the best high-end brands in the USA. I will say Them under-eye Primer is the best one because Being a high-end product, it offers you excellent service within the minimum budget. So you can go for it

Revlon is a lightweight primer that is good for dry skin users. Besides a smooth texture, it will give you an extra pearls glow with proper hydration. It’s good to hide all the discoloration and create a smooth base. So I can say the texture of the product is outstanding.

If you want to grab the attraction of everyone with your eye makeup, please use it. Your eyeshadow will look more prominent. However, If you want a lightweight but effective one then you may skip applying foundation.

Another plus point is, it’s a photochromic Primer, which is one of the best options for professional use. The gel format primer quickly absorbs in the skin without creating any greasy surface. Revlon is also suitable for sensitive skin because they are paraben-free.
There is a minimum amount of alcohol that is not harmful to your delicate skin. It’s only for preservation purposes. So if you are worried about inflammation, give it a chance.

Special Features
  • Offers a fresh and bright look
  • The applicator is suitable for maintaining hygiene.
  • Helpful to diminish eye bags.

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7. Eye Primer by Bella Terra Cosmetics

Whatever we use, natural ingredients are the game-changer. Though they take more time to work, at least there will be no side effects. And when it comes to using natural ingredients in primer Bella Terra is a trustable name to many of us. They try to use pure herbs and essential oils in their products. And that’s why a particular brand claims they own the best eye primer in the town.

I think going through the overall product review can also help you to find out the truth.

First of all, it is a favorite product to many of us due to its extended-lasting coverage and waterproof criteria. Like all the other Primers, it also helps to reduce the fine lines.
But the magic is, this brand uses natural products like castor oil, potato extract, aloe vera, and so many herbs to maintain their quality.

Aloe and castor oil moisturize the eyes with formatting new cells. On the other hand, they help against any kind of inflammation.
As there are all the natural elements so this product can be a reasonable precaution to stop aging.

Here you will get Essential oil like Rosemary and lavender oil. These penetrate the skin and improve elasticity.

Special Features
  • Cruelty-free
  • Gives a smooth finish
  • Preservative and paraben-free.

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8. It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Coverage

Last but not least, I would like to introduce you to a magic wand. Well, don’t be surprised; I like to say it is a magic wand because this moisturizing Primer will solve all of your eye problems within a month. So why not give it the best “under-eye primer” award? Moreover, I think there is nothing to say about the It Cosmetic product line because all of their products are itself a brand.

We all know that hyaluronate is the king agent for moisturizing. Cosmetic primers have this soothing acid. The cooling effect of this liquid gives relaxation with a texture free base. The age-defying technology and collagen tightens skin tissue and lessens the speed of aging.

The creamy formula never dries out your skin; instead, it locks the creasing process.
They have a soft velvety pigmentation, which is easy to blend without any brush.

It is waterproof, so you can use it with a high coverage foundation. This duo will give your eyes a stunning look.

Special Features
  • Enriched with vitamin A & E
  • Removes hyperpigmentation and yellowing.
  • Provides full coverage.
  • Works like a concealer too

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Factors Need to Consider While Choosing the Best Under Eye Primer:

Okay, Let me clear one thing, the whole article is not about product features. There are thousands of good primers. And among the variations, choosing any makeup kits Isn’t a cupcake. Makeup lover girls need to maintain a long queue for hours in Sephora or Mac outlets. I can feel the pain too.

That’s why I’m sharing the following tricks and tips to get the best one within the shortest possible time. Give it a try, girls; I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

1. Skin type: Don’t frown away from your eyebrows, please. The skin type of your under-eye area is essential to find out the best Primer. So if you have a dry under-eye area then it will be good to choose a hydrating option like e.l.f or Becca. On the contrary, if your eye corner is oily, then purchase a nongreasy Primer.

2. Eye puffiness: Few peoples face under-eye puffiness issues. For them, any kind of caffeine solution infused primer is effective.

3. Aging factors: Our eye area knocks at the door of aging first. As time passes by, we notice that there is hyperpigmentation, redness, etc. near the area. Niacinamide and salicylic acids containing primers are best to decrease the process.

4. Pigmentation of the product: An under-eye primer’s main concern is that it will set in your fine lines and hide it. But if it has less pigment, then it won’t blend easily, which results in vain. So check the stain before paying.

5. Expiry date: Never use any backdated product. As we don’t use Primer regularly, so choose the option wisely.

How Do I Get Rid of Creases Under My Eyes?

You know this was the first question that came into my mind at my 18. So I thought about writing about it. This may help you to avoid the early sign of aging. Our eye area is the most delicate part of the face. So you need to be more careful about the eye area. And for this, I would suggest you find out the reason first and then work on it. You can focus on the points like:

Food habits and water intake:

First of all, a big NO to crush diet, try to include multivitamins like vitamin A, C, E, and drink at least eight glasses of water daily.

UV radiation:

We all know sunlight is the slow killer. According to the FDA, “Excessive exposure of UV rays damages skin collagen. And when there’s a lack of collagen, your skin loses its elasticity. On top of that, you should not look at the sun directly. Wear hats or sunglasses to avoid any fine lines.

Hydrating Primer:

Dry skin gets wrinkles faster. So try to use moisturizer enriched products. One of the most effective ways to remove under eye creases is to use a good quality under-eye primer. It can lock the moisture of the delicate area and remove wrinkles gradually.

Facial exercise:

What if I tell you smiling causes more crease? Don’t worry; you need not stop smiling, but A fair blood circulation process helps maintain healthy skin. To perform a few facial exercises and also be careful about your sleeping/ smiling posture.

Why Do You Need an Eye Primer? Can You Use Any Primer Under Your Eyes?

Well, this is one of the most asked questions. First, come to the importance of eye primer.

An eye primer is essential to eye makeup like a face primer. Eye primer works as a base for eyes. I’m pretty sure that you won’t like to put your $50 eyeshadow in a rough lid, will you?
So, never skip an eye primer because it improves the skin texture, moisturizes the area, and helps to blend any product quickly.

Now come to the under-eye part. Usually, eye primers are for your eyelids, but under-eye hydration is equally important so that you can go for under eye primers. The good news is that an under eye primer will hide your creases within seconds and give you a younger look.

Can You Use a Concealer Instead of an Eye Primer?

I wish it could happen and we can save our pocket money. But Experts say concealers are to hide your dark circles and discolouration. On the contrary, eye primers remove the excessive oil and create a perfect base. If you skip the Primer, your concealer won’t set well. And the dark circle will be visible under your shades. So, unfortunately, you can’t use a primer as the substitute of Primer.

What Home Remedies are Suitable for Under Eye Wrinkles?

“Wrinkles only need a high-end product to fade away”- it is a myth. There are enormous home remedies to remove wrinkles naturally. So, If you use them religiously, then smooth skin isn’t far from you. Here are a few effective remedies which you have to follow regularly.

I. Rosemary oil is an excellent hydrating oil for the eye area. Most of the high-end brands use it on their Primer. If you can arrange the organic oil, take 2 drops on the fingertip and gently massage on the eye area regularly.

II. Cucumber is another effective element. The bleaching agent of cucumber helps to nourish under eye area; it also removes the dark circle. Refrigerate cucumber juice and rub it once a day. The cooling effect circulates blood and draws the lines.

III. Egg whites have a skin tightening effect. It creates a sticky form while used under the eye. This is also good to avoid premature wrinkles. Just take the liquid part, apply it to the under-eye area. Rinse it off after drying. Don’t keep it for more than 2 minutes.

IV. Honey is also an organic moisturizer Apply 1tsp in the under-eye area beforehand sleeping and then massage for 5 minutes. Follow the process every day.

V. Avocado contains skin-softening fats, so the repetitive use of the slices softens the eye. It protects against premature aging and tightens the skin.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Do I need to use eye primer all the time?

Eye primers are suitable to moisture your eye areas and provide a smooth base. It’s true that Not everyone likes to apply for Primer all the time. It mainly depends on your preference. But I will suggest that eye primer is a must when you are doing heavy coverage makeup. And if you have mature skin, then never skip it.

2. Is Under Eye primer really effective?

Though under eye primers are not so hyped in modern days most dermatologists say that “underneath our eye area is too sensitive and delicate. So we should be more careful about using any color cosmetics.” I think This statement proves that you will see the aging sign too early if you won’t use any protection.

3. Can eye primer be the substitute for eye cream?

The answer to the question is NO. Though there is a moisturizing effect in most of the primers, that doesn’t mean, only an under primer is enough to give you proper hydration. On top of that, if you use any eye cream, it will help your Primer to work more effectively. It may decrease the fine lines noticeably.

4. What can I use instead of Primer?

Primer not only helps to provide a moisturizing effect but also it gives you a smooth base for applying makeup. Perhaps, purchasing a primer Isn’t possible all the time. So it’s apparent that you have to choose an alternative option.

Well, in that case, aloe vera gel can be a good option instead of a primer. You can use raw or processed aloe gel, it’s up to you. But let me tell you that aloe vera gel won’t give you the same effect as a primer but it’s an Okay type ingredient.


As I said earlier, makeup is an art. And to draw a magnificent piece of art, you need a smooth base. Like the same way, Eye primer is the crucial agent of ensuring fabulous eye makeup. That’s why Try to buy your eye primer consciously. Like if you have normal skin, then go with our first /second option. Or if pores are your primary concern, then there is L’oreal. And if puffiness and eye bags are irritating you then go with Revlon or other options.

So, No more late, just click and purchase one of the best eye primers from the given list as early as possible. Because it’s time to apply the magic of your expert hand. So show and glow like Jeffery Star!