If you’re a fashionista or a professional makeup artist, you should be familiar with every piece of makeup item; it may be anything. However, the contour or bronzer may seem to be the same, but they are not; anyway, let’s find out the difference between contour and bronzer.

I mostly use contour to create shadows on my face but never used a bronzer because I used to think that they do the same thing. Once, I saw my best friend apply bronzer while getting ready for a party; when we finished, I saw that she has a warmer look than me.

Anyway, please read the article to find out the core differences between a contour and a bronzer, besides their necessities and other queries; would you want to start?

What Do Contour & Bronzer Do & Why Do We Apply Them on Our Face?

The purpose and applying spot are almost the same; however, you can change your face structure with these makeup items. You may get sharp jaws, highlighted nose, focused cheekbones, full lips, etc. by using contour & bronzer; you should use them while putting on heavy makeup.

Moreover, you can apply them if you have a round & chubby face; they will work well to hide even your double chins. Anyway, you should apply or select the items according to your needs; you can sometimes combine & use both of them if necessary.

Contour vs. Bronzer: What Is the Difference, Get them Listed

Though the two items do almost similar things, they have some differences as well; let’s find them out & make a list:

1. Contour creates shadows to shorten the face; the shades magically creates a shape so that your face looks smaller than usual. On the other hand, a bronzer will not sharpen your face & bones that much as a contour, but it will create a natural & beautiful look.

2. When you pick a contour pallet, you will see cold or greyish colors because cool-toned complexions are supposed to create shadows. On the contrary, bronzers have mostly orange shades because they provide you with a warm look.

3. You should apply contours on the bones; for instance, both sides of the nose, forehead top, cheekbones, etc. to sharpen those spots. On the other hand, you must apply a bronzer on the forehead’s middle, chin, all over the cheeks, & nose’s tip to highlight the parts.

Anyway, a bronzer has many similarities with a blush; that’s why some makeup artists are always on a debate bronzer vs. highlighter because some people use them as substitutes.

4. Contours have more collection in the pallets than bronzers; however, no matter which you choose and apply on your face, you should choose the colors according to your skin tone.

Well, you will have to keep the purpose in mind while using contours & bronzers; you can’t swap the things & use them instead of each other. Suppose if you want to create shadows with bronzers, your face won’t look sharper; it will look oddly tanned.

On the other hand, a contour will create a greyish, ghostly, & dark look if you use it instead of a bronzer; therefore, you can use them together for their respective purposes, but not as substitutes.

Thus, if anyone asks you that can you use contour as bronzer, your answer is going to be a straight no because the consequences would be worse & that will ruin your whole look.

How to Use a Contour & Bronzer: Know the Step by Step Application

Both items are essential for those who want professional makeup; it would be better to know how to apply them on the face; let’s start with the bronzer.

• You will have to follow the 3-steps or shapes to apply a perfect bronzer on your face; you can’t forget to put a dark shaded foundation first. Therefore, you can focus on a bright-colored bronzer; you may start with your forehead on the first step.

• Secondly, you must focus on highlighting your nose & cheeks after forehead; please blend them well and don’t leave them anyways.

• In the last step, you have to match the foundation & bronzer with your skin tone; if you want professional makeup, you have to apply the same bronzer’s shade on your neck & other parts that would be exposed.

• After finishing the bronzer, you must apply the blush as a final touch-up; the correct shade will give you a perfect look.

You shouldn’t only consider the skin tone while picking a bronzer; you must think of the conditions & types. For instance, you will get some of the best bronzers for olive skin, or organic ones for sensitive skin; be wise while buying.

Contour and bronzer pallet may seem to be the same, but they are not; likewise, the application steps will not be similar; let’s see how to put on contour.

• You have to specify the spots where you will swatch the contour; please remember, the areas have to be chosen carefully because they will sharpen your face & give it a shape.

• If you leave the contour powder anyway, it will look unnatural; that’s why you must blend it well with a sponge or foam until it gets natural.

• Lastly, you must add some highlighters after applying the contour; the brightness fits well with the makeup items; you can follow the center to side method while contouring your face.

Anyway, putting up the makeup is not a challenging thing; you will have to choose the items & pallets from the renowned brands, but they will vary due to different skin types.

Can You Use Both Contour & Bronzer Together on Your Face?

You can use both of them at the same time on your face while putting on your makeup; it’s better not to mix them because a mixture of bright & shady colors can ruin your look. However, you can put on them one by one; you may brighten your face with a bronzer.

After catching the natural look, you may concentrate on the contour; you should apply them slightly on the small spots to ensure that your face is looking sharper & thinner.

What is the Best Bronzer for Applying on Your Olive Skin?

If you have olive skin or a dark complexion, you must look for something that shimmers a lot or provides a matte look; therefore, you can choose that gives you glowing, shimmering, and warm looks. You can pick the shades like terracotta & nude; these are the best shades for bronzing.

Surprisingly, you may have the kind of same shades in the contouring palette; you can use them in a small proportion if you don’t have the bronzer near you.


If you have fully read the article you must know the differences between contour and bronzer. keep them in mind because they are not the same. As a woman, I suggest buying organic makeup items other than things with harsh chemicals; you will never want to destroy your skin.

However, take care of the brands & climate around you; for instance, you can’t use the cosmetics made in Asian countries if you’re living in the USA because there are many differences between the skin categories due to regions.